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Starting this year Assistance Software will be a Unit4 company. Let’s hear from both the CEO of Unit4 and the PSA Suite what the merger will mean for the Professional Services Industry:

Assistance Software
Watch the interview with Stephan Sieber (CEO, Unit4) and Martijn van der Hoeden (CEO, Assistance Software)

The History of Assistance Software

Since its founding in 1990, much has changed at Assistance Software. The core has always remained the same however: innovation in efficient working methods in professional services.

Assistance Software
In this video our founder and CEO Martijn van der Hoeden takes you on a journey through 25 years of Assistance Software. It will show you how Assistance Software got started and important milestones for the company up untill where we are now.

2017: Assistance Software is acquired by Unit4 and will now continue as the Unit4 PSA Suite2015: Assistance Software celebrates it’s 25th anniversary, with the introduction of PSA Suite Financials

2015: Member President’s club for Microsoft Dynamics for the second time

2013: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 Partner of the Year Award Finalist

2013: Member President’s club for Microsoft Dynamics

2013: eXtremeCRM 2013 Rome, Winner Corporate App Challenge for Assistance PSA Mobile. Time entry using any mobile device.

2012: eXtremeCRM 2012 Las Vegas, Innovative New App Award for Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

2011: Assistance PSA certified by Microsoft. The Assistance Software Partnernetwork is growing worldwide. Introduction of Assistance PSA Flavors

2010: AS celibrates its 20th anniversary. Introduction of Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. New Assistance PSA Partners sign contract.

2009: AS is divided into various operating companies. Assistance Software Solutions serves the Dutch market. Assistance Software International serves partners and supplies software abroad. Assistance Software Productions continues to guarantee continuous development in Naarden (the Netherlands). Both inspired by the technology and encouraged by feedback from end users (GVAS) and partners.

2008: First implementations by partners. First contacts for partnerships in the US

2007: First contracts with partners Astena (Belgium, CRONOS group) and Qurius (Netherlands, largest European Microsoft partner). Both are Gold Certified Microsoft Partners

2006: Becoming a Microsoft Partner, a so-called ISV (Independent Software Vendor), and soon becomes a Gold Certified Partner. Starts developing partner channel. With Assistance Software as the supplier of PSO to Microsoft partners

2004: Start of development of PSO based on Microsoft technology. Results in PSO for Microsoft Dynamics 2002: After numerous implementations in the architectural and engineering sector, AS decides to launch the broad implementation of PSO in the consultancy sector. As of this time, AS focuses on the broad market of knowledge workers (professional services). Educational institutions, healthcare providers, financial/administrative companies and organizations in the nutrition and climate sectors are added to the customer portfolio

FREElance Software
2000: Renamed to Assistance Software. Founding of GVAS, the AS user association. Members provide valuable input for further development of PSO

1998: Contract with ONRI (Dutch Association of Consulting Engineers), with the same conditions as the BNA contract

1997: Contract with BNA. From this point on, members are given discounts on the purchase of Assistance Architect

1993: Various custom applications, such as an assignment for achitectural firm Van Hoeken Toes (Amsterdam), inspired the standard application Assistance Architect. Many architectural firms purchase this ancestor of the current PSO.

1990: Founded under the name FREElance Software Support. Objective: to develop custom applications for administrative purposes