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Both the Helpdesk and the Sales department use the convenient Smartbox to solve problems and provide you with online support, that means communication through direct chat. While on the phone with you, they can see just what you do on your computer and take over control for a second if necessary. If you would like an online smartbox session with our helpdesk, please make an appointment via e-mail or call +31 85 222 0142.

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Online Support

Online Support

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To use smartbox, please make an appoinment for an online session with our Helpdesk (e-mail or call +31 85 222 0142), use this convenient service during office hours: 9 am – 5 pm CET. No special programs needed. Everything runs through your Internet browser.
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Licenses & Pricing

The Assistance PSA Suite is designed for all sizes of businesses; Small, Medium and Enterprise. A License starts at 15 euro/dollar per user per month. Find the optimal mix of Licenses that best suits your business needs.

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Assistance Software has created a series of videos to help you discover and understand what our software solutions can do for you and your company They give a clear picture of the capabilities and user-friendliness of our solutions.

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