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Assistance HRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Managing your most important assets, your employees, that is what Human Resource Management is all about! Assistance HRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is like no other solution you know. Because Assistance HRM is developed in CRM, tracking of email and scheduling people in Outlook is child’s play.


Assistance HRM consists of three modules:

  • HR Recruitment
  • HR Record
  • HR Development

Assistance HRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be tailored to your own business needs. You can use Assistance HRM in the Cloud on Microsoft Online and On Premise, the choice is yours! Try Assistance HRM or contact us for a demo.

Recruiting Talent is crucial to be Successful

The economy has never been more competitive than it is today; to be successful you need to recruit talent on a day to day base. With Assistance HRM you can create job opportunities and register candidates with their skills and experience.

Transferring candidates directly to employees is easy; just change the status. With the workflow engine of CRM you can start the next process, like sending automated emails or post activities for the resource manager to complete.

Manage Experience, Skills, Benefits and more

The possibilities are endless with Assistance HRM. We provide out of the box entities to manage skills, work experience, benefits, cars, equipment, sick registration, vacation registration and much more.

Every business is different. Creating a tailored form or adding extra fields is very easy in Assistance HRM; if you can type a Word document you can tailor Assistance HRM.

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