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PSA Suite with project planning for Engineers, a comprehensive solution:

PSA Suite with project planning for Engineers makes use of the powerful CRM platform of Dynamics 365 and extends them with a complete PSA solution that will provide you with Project and Contract management, Sales and Cost Forecasting, Project and Resource Planning, Time and Expense entry as well as Invoicing and Financial transactions.
Project planning for Engineers
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Advanced Opportunity Management and Revenue Forecasting

Perform Advanced Opportunity Management and Revenue Forecasting with the PSA Suite with project planning for Engineers! Generate a forecast at the opportunity level and get instant visibility of your pipeline in the Sales Forecast module next to your ongoing projects, for a complete overview of your expected revenues and cash flow. With the Sales Forecast, you can immediately quantify the impact of new projects on your revenue and resources. The multiple filters and parameters of the module will make analysis child’s play and the standard chart will provide you with an immediate visual of your expected revenues. Last but not least integrate your sales efforts with your service delivery teams and convert opportunities into projects whilst carrying over your rates, high level budget and high level or detailed forecast.

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Project and Contract management with PSA Suite with project planning for Engineers

Flexibility and Visibility are two key elements in project and contract management. PSA Suite with project planning for Engineers supports seven different contract types within a project. It does not matter if you work with hourly rates, daily rates or fixed-fees! Expenses, products, equipment and recurring revenues are also standard contract elements that you can leverage to manage your projects.
Utilize our role-based dashboards to see if everything is going according to plan. Visual aids such as traffic lights quickly help you determine if important aspects of your job, such as budget variations, margins, milestones, realization rates and schedules are on track or need your attention. Receive alerts so that you can be proactive rather than reactive. Use workflow to automate tasks that were manual and time consuming in the past. Last but not least get visibility at a higher level, use programs to manage multiple projects concurrently and monitor their performance at both levels.

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Visual Project Planning using Gantt Charts

The Gantt Chart provides you with a clear overview of the different phases within your project. PSA Suite with project planning for Engineers will come with pre-defined templates and a standard phase distribution for the different types of projects. With the Gantt Chart you can guard the progress and your budget of the project. The Gantt Chart gives you the opportunity to allocate your project activities to different resources or equipment. Activities can be planned within a time range or can be set as a milestone. Your booked hours and costs can be divided per activity which gives you the chance to guard your process really well, and with the roll forward functionality you can automatically copy projects that are renewed on a yearly basis. Assistance PSA Suite for Engineers is besides all this, integrated with your Outlook.

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Booking hours on any mobile device

PSA Suite with project planning for Engineers lets you book your hours and costs in different ways. The Resource Entry Sheet gives you the option of booking time in days, hours, minutes as well as hours with minutes. With the PSA Mobile™ App you can also book your time directly on your mobile phone. Last but not least with the Approval App a Manager will be able to approve hours, expenses and expense claims as well as invoices!

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Resource Management is the Key to be successful

The HR/HCM module lets you manage your resources for the amount of work you have to offer. Your project planning is completely integrated in the module and the utilization overview gives you a complete review of the utilization of your resources. This Utilization sheet is even directly visible under the Gantt Chart, so you can directly see who is over utilized while planning. On top of this shows the Availability sheet the visibility in one glance!
You can manage the skills of your personnel with the HR/HCM module. You can create special resource teams focused on the skills level of your personnel, but the module is also really suitable for recruiting, select and train your personnel, and keep track of their appraisals. The integration with Bing Maps™ gives you the function to plan your resources based on their location.
On top of all this, the module comes with pre-defined templates where you can manage the capacities, work experience, working conditions, cars and equipment.

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Resource Entry Sheet

With the Resource Entry Sheet managing the utilization of your personnel and equipment will be child’s play. The project manager can book the equipment, fees and hours of all the personnel. The Resource Entry Sheet gives the manager even the opportunity to book these hours in advance, so everything is set and the personnel can focus on the project.

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Assistance PSA Suite Portal

With the Assistance PSA Suite Portal offers your employees a self-service functionalities to your employees. It provides them with visibility on their utilization and scheduled activities. They can book their time directly from here, enter expenses, and also keep track of their PTO and sick leave. Last but not least your employees can keep their own profile up to date with their skills and education, and help at the same time with your internal recruiting process!

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Invoicing with Assistance PSA Suite for Engineers

Invoicing accurately and quickly is essential for any services based organization. With the PSA Suite for Engineers you can easily invoice projects individually or in a batch. Furthermore the Suite lets you split invoices for those projects where an invoice is sometimes split between multiple recipients.
PSA Suite offers different invoice types: Time and Materials, Product, Fixed Fee Installments, Fixed Fee Completion, Recurring and Expense invoicing with mark-up. Draft invoices can be routed for approval and directly emailed to clients. Use predefined invoice layouts especially formatted for Engineers or easily create new ones. Generate client statements and collection letters. Use out of the box reports and dashboards to track top invoiced clients, days outstanding, aging and cash collection. Besides this offers the solution also a Purchase Order functionality where you can register and manage your purchases.


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A Full Accounting Module with Assistance Financials

Assistance Financials offers core financial accounting modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Cash Management and E-Banking. With the General Ledger you can create journal entries, generate financial statements and maintain and report on your budgets. With the AR and AP modules you can easily manage your payables, receivables, 1099 reporting as well as perform invoicing. The cash management component gives you a direct overview of your bank balances and with e-banking you can directly pay your creditors.
Assistance Financials makes use of the standard features of your CRM module of the Dynamics 365 Platform, like Dashboards, Filters, Personal Views, Microsoft Office integration, Mobility, Workflow & Alerts. Embedded business processes are designed for engineers and configurable to your needs. Assistance Financials can also be used as an integration platform for other accounting or ERP platforms.

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Licenses & Pricing

The Assistance PSA Suite is designed for all sizes of businesses; Small, Medium and Enterprise. A License starts at 15 euro/dollar per user per month. Find the optimal mix of Licenses that best suits your business needs.

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