• Assistance PSA Suite Portal:
    The Gateway to the PSA Suite


PSA Suite | Portal

The PSA Suite | Portal is the perfect extension of the PSA Suite! With this Portal your employees can use the core functionalities of the PSA Suite without having to log into your CRM module of Microsoft Dynamics 365™!

In addition to time entry, the Portal offers your employees self-service functionalities. It also provides them with a clear overview of their planned activities and utilization. And, last but not least, the PSA Suite Portal is adaptable to your organization’s needs!

Time Registration

Anyone can easily book time with the Assistance PSA Suite Portal.

Whether you are used to retrieving your Outlook appointments in the Timesheet or prefer the fast time entry of the Timesheet by Line you will still have access to your familiar user interface with the Assistance PSA Portal! As for the Instant Time Entry, we’ve made it available in every screen of the Portal so you can start the Timer from anywhere and at any time!

Planning and Utilization

Because visibility on their own assignments is important for your resources, the Portal will provide them with the Gantt chart where they will get to see their own Project activities, together with their related dates, planned hours, booked hours, balance and readiness. And with the Utilization Sheet they will get a clear overview of their individual activities and utilization all within the same screen.

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Skills and Education

Because keeping track of your resources’ skills and education is important but can sometimes prove to be time consuming, the PSA Suite Portal enables your resources to manage their own skills and education via their own profile. This will allow you to recruit and select the resources of your projects based on their actual skills and levels and make ultimate use of all the great resources you have in your company.

The PSA Suite Portal: all the functionalities you use on a daily basis without having to log in to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Sick Leave and PTO Request

With the PSA Suite Portal your employees are able to request PTO’s, follow the status of their request as well as “call in” sick time. They also get to see the number of hours they are entitled to have, what has been taken and what is left. No more questions! All the information is there for them to see. (This functionality will be available in the next release.)

Assistance PSA Suite Portal

Downloads and Documentation

NOTE: Prior to the installation please read the Quick Start Guide.

Assistance PSA Suite Portal Quick Start Guide (August 2016)

Download: Assistance PSA Suite Portal (versie  August 2016)

Licenses & Pricing

The Assistance PSA Suite is designed for all sizes of businesses; Small, Medium and Enterprise. A License starts at 15 euro/dollar per user per month. Find the optimal mix of Licenses that best suits your business needs.

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