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Keeping track of your actuals is key for running your succesful business. With the PSA Suite | Power BI tool you have the opportunity to follow your live data with an interactive dashboard which lets you react immediately on what is going on in your company. You monitor your live data with your own clear dashboards from where you can easily create reports. All your important and live data communicates directly with each other and is visible in one glance, hosted from your own server. On top of all this you can drill down in reports and graphs to see all the details or get a summary of your data, so you never miss out on anything!

Interfaces PSA Suite | Power BI

With the PSA Suite | Power BI Module you will have several interfaces, all adaptable to your needs. From an executive interface for your management team till an employee Portal where you and your employees have an overview of their worked hours. Besides this, the module lets you share your dashboards with your stakeholders so everyone sees the right data at the right time. Together with the Power BI App, you are always and everywhere up-to-date with your actuals!

Different Reports PSA Suite | Power BI

Invoices (I) shows the overall overview of all your invoice amounts. It shows invoices per project type and country and gives you the possibility filter on legal entity and department and drill down in all graphics.

Invoices (II) shows all invoice amounts sorted by project and project type. Also it is possible to filter on project status, legal entity or department.

Invoices (III) shows invoice amounts per employee and account. Of course also it is possible to drill down on each employee/account and to filter on legal entity and department and drill down.

Forecast shows you the forecast in money per quarter for the current year and how it is spread per country and city and gives you the possibility to filter on legal entity and department and drill down in all graphics.

Hours shows you an overview on all you need to know about booked hours, % production, % internal etc. Also it gives you the possibility to make  selections on legal entity, department.

Hours Downdrill gives you the opportunity to drill down on the graphic with an overview of all the booked hours, drilling down will give you the detailed information about a certain section in the graphic.
Hours per employee shows you all the hours divided with also the total selling amount of the production hours. Want to see detailed information about an employee, simply click on the name and see all the hours of that specific employee.



Want to know more? Watch the video

Want to see for yourself what Power BI is and what it can do? Watch the short video below and we will take you through the basic functionality, giving you a good idea of how Power BI can help you get the most out of the PSA Suite.

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Licenses & Pricing

The Assistance PSA Suite is designed for all sizes of businesses; Small, Medium and Enterprise. A License starts at 15 euro/dollar per user per month. Find the optimal mix of Licenses that best suits your business needs.

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