• Increase your Performance with the PSA Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Assistance PSA for CRMIncrease your Performances with the Assistance PSA Suite

With the Assistance PSA Suite you will increase your performances and you will have insight in all the major
Key Performance Indicators of your company. The Utilization, Productivity, Efficiency and Billable Rates of your
resources are real time available in a user friendly Dashboards.

The Project management module with proactive alerts will help your project manager to be On Budget and On Time. Keeping track of your Actuals is child’s play with the user friendly Timesheet, Instant Time entry and integration with Outlook.

Professionally manage the heart of your organization

Scheduling and planning your resources and looking ahead will help you manage your business pro-actively and act on time when necessary.

Assistance PSA Suite for CRM

The Assistance PSA Suite provides four major modules:

  • The Professional Services Automation module with Sales Forecasting, Budgeting, Project Management, Contract Management, Project Accounting, Project Planning, Resource Planning, Time and Expense entry, Invoicing and much more.
  • The Financials module generates all your journal entries for Accounts Receivable, Revenue Recognition and Work in Progress. The Financials module for the CRM module from Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a full accounting solution with General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, E-banking and Reporting capabilities. For more information see: www.assistancesoftware.com/financials
  • The Human Resource Management module will help you to recruit, develop and manage your resources. For more information see: www.assistancesoftware.com/hrm
  • Finally the Portal module will give you and your employees access to a self-service portal that can be customized to your own business needs. For more information see: www.assistancesoftware.com/portal

The PSA Suite for Dynamics 365 is the solution for the Professional Services Industry and built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. The PSA Suite is a cloud based solution that will run on the CRM module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online or any Private cloud of your choice.

Advanced Opportunity Management with the Assistance PSA Suite

The CRM module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides Opportunity management. With the PSA Suite you will extend the Opportunity module with Hourly Rates, Sales Forecasting per month and Budgeting capabilities per resource and hour type with the number of hours.

Convert your opportunity to a Project

After the Opportunity is closed you can convert an Opportunity to a Basic Project or an Advanced Project with a WBS structure of your choice. All the Rates, Sales Forecast and Budget will then be inherited to the Project.

Assistance PSA Suite - Forecast your Revenue

Forecast your Revenue

Forecasting revenue is not simple. As a Professional Services company you have multiple potential revenue streams and expected revenue based on existing contracts. The PSA Suite combines all the different revenue streams in one simple sheet that will show you the revenue per month or even per week. You can forecast the following revenue streams:

  • Opportunities with forecasted hours
  • Opportunities with a fixed fee and products
  • Projects with expected revenue based on forecasted hours
  • Fixed fee Projects with an installment scheme
  • Recurring contracts like subscription based revenue

Your forecasted hours can be automatically updated by the Project and Resource planning. They can also be entered per Project Item Activitity. With inline edit capabilities of the Forecast sheet it is very easy and fast to update your forecast. Creating multiple scenarios by applying different filter options or exporting to an Excel sheet are standard functionalities.

Assistance PSA Suite - Time managementManage your Projects on Time and on Budget

Managing your project deliverables on time and on budget is the key to happy clients. The PSA Suite is designed to be compliant with the BAFPA methodology, for more information visit: assistancesoftware.com/bafpa.

Creating a high-level or detailed budget is the starting point to your base-line. The next step is creating a Project Planning with the built in Gantt Chart functionality with activities and milestones. You can assign your activities to a single resource or to a group of resources or to equipment, and reassign them if needed. The drag and drop functionality will help you to manage your timelines fast and easy. On top op this, the PSA Suite also offers a Purchase Order functionality where you can register and manage your purchases.

Your Project Planning can feed your Sales Forecast and Update your Budget; the choice is yours. In addition to activities you can also schedule appointments on your project and create recurring activities. Because of the roll forward functionality projects can be automatically renewed on a yearly basis. The appointments are fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook and can be managed from our Group Calendar. Finally your Project Planning is fully integrated to our Resource Management module, where you can manage your Utilization by resource or by a team of resources.

Resource Management is the Key to be successful

As a Professional Services company your major costs are recurring employee costs. Managing your resources and their Utilization is key for your company’s Performance. The PSA Suite is designed to help you! The Utilization sheet will show you in an overview map if resources are under or over utilized. Your Utilization sheet is also available within the Gantt Chart, so the availability in the period that the employee is scheduled can be validated immediately. Besides this, the PSA Suite offers an Availability Sheet where you see the availability of your resource at a single glance.

With the integration to Bing Maps you can also schedule your resources based on location. Creating resource teams with specific skills will help you to find the best man on the job.

With the overall Gantt Chart you can manage employees and equipment. The filtering options will help you to know when and where your resources are utilized and if equipment is available or overbooked.

Instant time entry or a Timesheet with Outlook integration, the choice is yours

Getting in your actuals is important. With the advanced PSA Rate Calculation Matrix PSA will always find the accurate Rate for your Project. The Assistance PSA Suite provides four different ways of entering Time, the user interfaces are designed for different people with different needs.

You can enter your time with our Instant Time Entry App available on your mobile device or on your desktop. The stopwatch functionality will register time in Hours or in Minutes. You can convert CRM Tasks to time entry.

If you are always on the road and you have a lot of different appointments during your day then your best option is to use our Timesheet with a seamless integration to your Outlook Calendar. Maybe you have more repetitive tasks and activities, then choose our Timesheet Grid. The choice is yours!

Assistance PSA Suite - Managing Expenses, Fees and EquipmentManaging your Expenses, Fees and Equipment is a necessity

Your actuals on a Project are more than only Hours. You need te be able to manage your Expenses, Fees and Equipment, with the PSA Suite you can. Expenses can be added to a Project with the Expense Grid with in-line edit. You can also add Product expenses to a Project, the Assistance PSA Suite leverages the standard CRM module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product catalog.

Specific Fees can be setup on a Project, for example Daily allowances. And finally you can add Equipment. We have extended the standard CRM module of Dynamics 365 Equipment module with Equipment Rates. With the PSA Resource Sheet you have an overview of all the Actuals and you can add the usage of hours, equipment and fees in one single sheet per Project.

Assistance PSA Suite - Project accountingProject Accounting is key to manage your Project from a Financial Perspective

The PSA Suite provides Project Accounting. With the use of a Project Template that will create a full Work Breakdown Structure you can manage your Budget, Forecast and Actuals per Project item. Besides those values you can setup your Contract Value per Project Item and Project.

The PSA Suite supports T&M, Fixed Fee, Recurring, Products, and many more contract types that can all be combined within one Project. You can also add an extra level and combine multiple Projects with one Program. With the Revenue Recognition module you can recognize revenue at the Project level based on the calculated percentage completed and actual completion.

You will have a complete financial overview of your projects with our out-of-box Reports and Dashboards.
The Revenue Recognition module will create a snapshot per month based on Actuals and Completion. After posting PSA will generate Revenue Recognition Journal entries in our Financial module.

Assistance PSA Suite - Invoicing and accounting

From Funnel to Cash

The Assistance PSA Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is extending the powerful CRM platform with a complete PSA solution including Invoicing and accounting. You can create an invoice per Project which will provide you with more billing control. Or you can use our Batch Invoicing functionality that create multiple invoices for multiple Projects.

The PSA Suite supports the following invoice types:

  • Time and Material based on Hourly Rate
  • Time and Material based on Daily Rate
  • Fixed fee based on Completion and Milestone billing
  • Fixed fee based on Installments
  • Products, Equipment and other Expenses
  • Recurring or Recurring Products for subscriptions


The PSA Suite will also generate Accounts Receivable journal entries for each invoice that can be used to post to your financial back-end or to our Financials module with full accounting capabilities.

Assistance PSA Suite

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Whitepaper: You need Assistance

The Assistance PSA Suite is everything you need in a single software suite. Our whitepaper will tell you why and will also show you how the PSA Suite will solve the IT problems most companies experience on a daily basis. You can read the whitepaper by clicking on the image below or download it here.

Licenses & Pricing

The Assistance PSA Suite is designed for all sizes of businesses; Small, Medium and Enterprise. A License starts at 15 euro/dollar per user per month. Find the optimal mix of Licenses that best suits your business needs.

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